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Networking Tips

Tip #1 - Welcome New Members

Networking is just like it sounds, "NET WORKING". A lot of artists work on the net but do not understand that it is actually a real job! The key is viewing it as a job that can reap you rewards in the end. United music union makes that possible. We provide work for underground artists. The most important part of your networking job in the beginning is to BUILD YOUR NETWORK. You can build a network here on this website and let you new net work job begin. Get started by checking out the…

Tip #2 - Compliment Featured Artists

Everyone wants to feel good when they have accomplished something. When you are one of out featured artists wouldn't you appreciate the people that took notice of it and congratulated you and took notice of your achievements. Do that for the featured artists of today and you will build with people who are about their business!

Tip #3 - Add Friends of Featured Artists

Featured artists are artists that have proven they know the basics of networking and have built their network up enough to earn a feature. They would not have built their network if it wasn't for the ones who felt the same way about networking and accept their add. Check out artists in featured artists networks and send them a message or comment their pages and see how quickly your network grows!

Tip #4 - Help Others Out

The best way to network is to help others out. People are more willing to listen to you if they see you are there to help them. Since you are in the United Music Union, you could help any other artist a great deal by telling them about this website. Go on your Facebook and find other artists in groups you are in. Let them know that you know a website that will reward them for adding friends and promoting their music. Let them know how they can earn free features, interviews, promotion etc.…


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